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Slash-FrostIron fan comic - ENDLESS LOOP by ~alexzoe on deviantART

[Avengers][FrostIron][Loki/Tony Stark]1 by ~ghostofmulberrytree on deviantART

Перевод на английский:
Tony: ....
Loki: Are you awake now?
Good morning.
Wanna take a bath? I prepared it for you, though...
probably you’re hungry so why don’t you have a breakfast first.
Tony: ....
Loki: Hey, not eating?
Tony: Yeah....

Loki: Ah.
Oh my, I forgot. Wait, I will un-cuff you.
Feel better?
...What’s the matter? You don’t wanna eat? I cooked them.
Tony: No... I’m not really hungry now...
Loki: Why are you being stubborn again, huh?
You wouldn’t do that for meals.
Try some, even you don’t want to.

Tony: (-Ah...
Right, yesterday...
Yesterday, I... tried to run away..
and then... Loki.....
...Oh, no, it reminded me.
I can’t help it.

...I cannot see his eyes...!)

Loki: It’s alright.
Last night was rough for both of us. I know. I understand.
It wasn’t a very big deal. We just fought a bit.
It is comman to happen between lovers, really. It will be fine soon....
Tony: -No.. Not at all,
It’s never gonna be fine, NEVER!!
How long this will go..!? Don’t you get sick of it?
How long will you lock me up like this!!!!
How long do you expect me to deal with this bondage-play, Loki?
Please, stop now. You know it.
Loki: Enough, Tony.
I thought you understood well, last night...
You said you will behave without meaningless trying.
You promised, right? Tony.
Have you already forgotten?
Did you just pretend to do?
Tony: ..!..! I-It was.. not.. Loki, I mean.. What I’m saying is.. (...DAMN IT, What should I say..!)

[Avengers][FrostIron][Loki/Tony Stark]2 by ~ghostofmulberrytree on deviantART

Loki: ...
Let’s keep the meal for later.
You better wash yourself.
Tony: What?
Loki, listen to me, the bath can wait.
Don’t be angry-...
Loki: Shh... Tony.
Be a good boy.
Tony: !
Loki: 영차.
You’ll feel better after the bath.
It will relax you a bit too...
Tony: ....
[Stop, please stop!]
[Dont’, Loki!!]
Tony: (...damn...It’s not stop shaking... damn it..damn it...DAMN IT..!!!!)

Tony: (It’s good that he doesn’t do anything right now...
But he’s TOO calm. I can’t even grasp what he’s planning.
I was a fool to believe that I could actually convince him...
He bit them all like a dog would do.
Should I thank him that he didn’t break a part of me?
Damn it...)
Loki: Are you done?
You take a while.
Tony: ..I’m done. Can I get out now?
Loki: What about ‘there’? Did you wash there too?
Tony: ...? What are you talking about, what there...
Loki: My my, you couldn’t, Tony.
It’s you who will suffer for a stomachache, if you don’t take them out.
Tony: (I couldn’t even think of touching it because of the pain...)
...Alright. I will wash it before I go..
Loki: I’ll help.
Tony: ...Hah?
What did you say..?
Loki: I will help you washing inside.
Don’t move.
Tony: ...Uh, I mean..
W, wait!!
You don’t HAVE to do THAT.
I can do it by myself, so you don’t...
Loki: Tony.

Tony: Please be gentle... (It’s first time he’s doing for me...)
Loki: Tony.
Tony: Ya?
Loki: Did you lie to me?
Tony: ...? What are you, uhg, so sudden..
Loki: What we talked last night.
...Tony, you are...
You really make me so tired...
You made your words. You would...
You would never hurt my heart again.
Tony: ....
Loki: Never
Never ask to let you go ever again,
that you will be with me at here, you wouldn’t run away again.
Never and ever...

[Avengers][FrostIron][Loki/Tony Stark]3 by ~ghostofmulberrytree on deviantART

Loki: Shh... Tony.
I’m not done yet.
Tony: (Screaming)
Loki: ...Does it hurt, Tony?
Tony: Ta, take it out, Loki, please stop..!!!
It’ hurts too much, don’t scratch please!! It’s gonna be torn..!!
Loki: Oh... Will it?
Tony: 아아아악!!!!!(Screaming)
Loki: Looks like it hurts a lot.
Tony: Stop scratch please, don’t tear it please don’t do it Loki..!!
It’s too painful please listen to me...아,윽
I’ll do anything, anything, whatever you want, 윽, please, Loki..!!!
Loki: L-I-A-R-♪
Tony: (비명;)
Loki: I tried really hard to hold it.

[Tony: Hah..Hahah..
Loki? Why are you..
You said you’ll be late...
What are you..
Loki: That is my question, Tony.
What are you doing here?
Where do you plan to go?]

Loki: Even though I did everything for you, loved with all of my heart, and you were thinking of running away.
It is tragic and so sad and I couldn’t control myself, my anger though,
I tried my best to hold it down
Even you kept lying to me,

[tried to run away,
and yelled and cursed me,
I really, REALLY tried not to do for you
I tried not to]

I didn’t want to punish you so hard, Tony.
It’s your fault.
You brought yourself to this.
Why did you make me angry?
I do care about you so much.
You are the most precious to me.
Why do you make me to hurt you?
Tony... You know I love you.

[Tony: I’m gonna kill you, gonna kill you, you criminal son of a bitch!
Leave me alone from your psyco-acting!
Let me go! Don’t touch me, you asshole
Let me go, let me go!!!
Don’t...don’t do it, stop..!!!
I said stop it!! Don’t tear it, damn it..! Take your hand off of me!!!]

Loki: Right?
Tony: .....ry.
Sorry, really, I’m so sorry..!
I was bad, Loki.
Maybe I was crazy.
I’m so sorry, I would never do it again, so stop, please..!
Loki: No, Tony.
Tony: 아아아악!!!!!
Loki: You don’t mean it.
You don’t mean it in your deep inside. It’s not true. You still want to leave me as you cursed to me yesterday.
You hate me as you want to kill me.. Don’t you?
Tony: No..No, I never do.
It’s not like that. Loki, please listen to me.
I’m really really sorry
I’m sorry, Loki..
-sorry, your face.. I did..
that I hurt you..
..that I tried to run away, and leave you
It’s all my fault.
For yelling at you, throw those words on you, I am really sorry, forgive me..!
I, I am sorry for everything, everything, Loki. I didn’t mean it.
It will never happen again, I promise... no, I swear. Please. I beg you, please don’t hurt me.
PLEASE. It’s not a lie. Actually I..
I love you.
I love you, Loki.
I truely love you. You.. You know it too.
So not anymore..
Don’t hurt me more..

[Avengers][FrostIron][Loki/Tony Stark]4 by ~ghostofmulberrytree on deviantART

Loki: Oh, my.
You should put some medicine in there.
Tony: ..... Yea.

Loki: You should dry it properly.
Tony: .....
Loki: ...Tony.
Tony: ?
Loki: Can you walk alone till the bed?
Tony: ....I... I guess..
Loki: Come here, Tony
Tony: Uh? .. W, wait, Loki?
(sudden pain)
Loki: See, I knew it would hurt.
I’ll let you rest, just for today.
You better stay on the bed.
Since I have things to do at outside...
It wouldn’t take that long,
so wait here like a baby.
Doesn’t mean I don’t trust you,
Is it okay?
Tony: ...yes.
Loki: Alright.
Good boy.

Loki: Tony.
Tony: ...?

[Avengers][FrostIron][Loki/Tony Stark]5 by ~ghostofmulberrytree on deviantART

Loki: Love you, Tony.
Tony: ... I know. Me too.
Loki: I really love you.
More than ever.
Tony: Yes...
Loki: I love you.
Tony: ....
Loki: Tony...
I know you well.
You are similar to me.
Before I brought you here, outside, you were...
pretending as you weren’t alone,
but I know you were always alone.
And you were scared of it than any others,

[Tony: Hey, Loki.
What’s up, for a reindeer to come this kind of place.”]

Loki: That you felt so lonely as hell.

Loki: I was lonely as you and wanted a love like you...
You don’t have to be alone anymore.

Loki: What I did to make you understand...
They weren’t so pleasant for you though
you know my mind, right?
So stop trying to fool me.
You are happier with me.
I know..
that as I need you,
you will need me as well, at the end of all these.
‘nd you’ll understand...
I will help you to do.
It will be fine... So


Loki: You better not to.
For both you and me.
Tony: ..... Alright.
Loki: Well, then see you later.
Have some sleep.
Tony: Yeah. See... you later.

[Avengers][FrostIron][Loki/Tony Stark]6 by ~ghostofmulberrytree on deviantART

It will be alright.
You don’t have to be alone anymore.
Don’t leave me, Tony.
Don’t let me down.
Do not ever....
Good boy, Tony.


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